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One of the things we hope you’ll come to love about is our commitment to providing you with the best information possible. We’re not looking to sell you anything here: instead, we provide well-researched, unbiased and factual information that will allow you to make your own decisions. After all, only you know which roulette games are right for you: we’re just here to make sure you have as much information as possible before you make that choice.

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The History of Roulette

The history of roulette goes back hundreds of years. The earliest form of the game was devised in 18th century France, with some saying that famed mathematician Blaise Pascal was the first to come up with the basic framework of the game. There were other wheel-based games before – perhaps the most famous of these was a game called “Roly-Poly” that was popular in England – but nothing quite like the gambling game we know and love today.

Something similar to modern roulette was played in Paris around the year 1800. The game worked much like today, with payouts being mathematically fair for the player with the exception of the addition of two extra spots on the wheel: the zero (0) and the double zero (00).

The first big breakthrough in roulette came in 1843. In that year, two Frenchmen who operated a casino in the town of Homburg, Germany introduced a version of the game that would still give the operator an advantage, but made it easier for the players to have a chance to win over the short-run. They did this by using only a single zero on the wheel, which virtually cut their advantage in half. However, they more than made up for that loss by attracting players away from other casinos that still used the traditional wheel with two zeros. The game that is now known as European roulette was born.

Meanwhile, roulette had also spread to the United States, albeit with somewhat different rules. According to records from the late 19th century, a popular form of the game featured numbers from 1-28, along with the zero, a double zero, and another spot with an American eagle on it. These three spots were all losers on any even money bets like black or red, and all other payouts were geared to pay out fairly for a wheel with only 28 numbers on it (for instance, a single number bet paid 27-1). This meant that this version of roulette had an incredibly high house edge of 9.68% — unthinkable in a modern casino roulette game!

As the game continued to spread, however, the rules became more unified. The single zero wheel would eventually be relocated to Monte Carlo, where it would become the standard for all roulette games throughout Europe. As additional rules were added to the Monte Carlo game that continued to improve the odds for the player, this form of the game would become known as European roulette.

Meanwhile, the original French version of the game was the one that was transported to the United States, starting in the port city of New Orleans. This double zero version of the game would come to be known as American roulette as a result. Just as significantly, the United States became the birthplace of the modern, simplified layout for the betting area on the roulette table – a layout that is now used in most casinos today, regardless of which version of roulette is being played.

Today, roulette is one of the most popular roulette games in the world, thanks in large part both to its simplicity and its iconic status. In North and South America, the American version with two zeroes (high roller games often use one zero, but without other European rules) is the most popular form of the game, while casinos in Europe, Asia and Africa tend to spread the European version of the game. Since online casinos aren’t limited by concerns of floor space, they often offer both versions simultaneously, allowing players to pick whichever version they prefer.

Online Roulette Legality

Around the world, there are many different systems used to regulate online gambling. In some countries, anything goes, while others have outright banned the practice. Most nations fall somewhere in between these two extremes, regulating online gambling and casinos while still allowing citizens to play on at least some websites.

One of the biggest topics of conversation – and for many players, one of the most confusing – is whether or not you can legally play online roulette in the United States. The question is complicated by the fact that some individual states may have their own laws that extend beyond what is covered by the laws of the federal government.

The most important thing to realize is that there are no federal laws in the United States that prohibit individuals from playing online roulette. This may come as a surprise to you, especially if you’ve read articles about illegal online gambling, or seen stories about how the government has cracked down on some gambling sites – particularly some of the major online poker operators.

Here’s the full story. It is illegal for companies to operate and advertise their online casino sites in the United States, and it’s illegal for them to allow Americans to play on their sites. This is why many online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms don’t allow Americans to participate on their sites. On the other hand, there are no laws that target the players in all of this: if you want to play on those sites that allow USA players to participate, you’re not breaking any federal laws by doing so.

Of course, things are never quite that simple. There are also laws that prohibit banks in the United States from processing payments to and from online gambling sites, which is why some deposit and withdrawal methods that are available in other countries can’t be utilized by Americans. In addition, some states have passed harsher regulations that do prohibit individuals from gambling online (Washington being a notable example), so you may want to check to make sure your particular state doesn’t have such laws. The legal situation of online gambling is in a state of transition right now in the USA, as many states have begun pursuing the legalization and regulation of online gambling – including two states (Nevada and Delaware) that have already passed laws that will bring regulated online gambling to their residents in the near future.

Famous Roulette Systems

Here at RealMoneyRoulette, we’re often asked about roulette systems. There are probably as many roulette systems out there as there are roulette players, but some are more famous than others, and we thought it would be a good idea to run down some of the more popular systems to give you an idea of what’s out there. Throughout our site, you’ll find discussions on a number of different systems that can change the way you play roulette.

Before we get into the systems themselves, however, we want to make sure you understand exactly what a roulette system can and can’t do. Despite the claims you’ll find on some other sites, mixing and matching your roulette bets or changing the amount you bet at different times will not allow you to change the basic math of the game and beat the casino in the long run. We could go into a long explanation as to why this is true, but the simplified version is this: if you make a series of bets in which the casino has an advantage on each bet, the casino will also have the advantage over the entire series. There’s no way to put together a number of bets in which you’re at a disadvantage and suddenly come out the other end with an edge over the casino!

That said, you shouldn’t take that to mean that these systems are useless. Actually, using a system is a great way to structure the way you’ll generally win or lose during each of your trips to the casino, or each time you play for a couple hours at your favorite online casino site. In other words, while a system can’t change the odds of the game, it can change your odds of scoring a win, hitting a certain goal, or managing the size of your losses!

The Martingale System

Perhaps the most famous roulette system of them all is the Martingale. In this system, players are asked to begin by making a very small bet (perhaps the table minimum) on an even money bet like “odd” or “even.” If a player wins, they simply make that small bet again. If they lose, though, they must double their bet. The player is then expected to keep doubling their bets each time they lose. Once the player wins – no matter the size of that bet – they are to return to the minimum bet they began with at the start of the system.

The result is that every winning bet ends a sequence with the player showing a profit equal to the small bet they began the sequence with. In other words, if your first bet was made for $5, you will come out ahead by $5 no matter when you eventually win a bet, provided that you keep doubling after every loss.

It’s a foolproof system, right? Well, of course, things aren’t quite that simple. This system actually would work every time…if you had an unlimited bankroll to draw from, and the casino was nice enough to take bets of infinite size. Since these conditions are never available in the real world, we usually run into one of two problems: sometimes we can’t cover our next bet, and sometimes we hit the maximum bet at our table. Either way, that would mean we can’t double our bet, ruining the system. Unfortunately, while a long losing streak on an even money bet won’t occur all that often, it happens often enough to allow the casino to maintain its normal house edge.

Does that mean you should never use the Martingale system? Not necessarily. The Martingale will result in a situation where you usually score small wins over the course of a session – with the risk of an occasional huge loss. If you’d like to end most nights on top, and don’t mind the fact that you’ll occasionally get wiped out by the casino, the Martingale is perfect. With a little luck, you can even go several sessions in a row without suffering a loss.

Online Roulette Today

In the modern world, there are hundreds of different websites out there offering online roulette games. You can play American or European roulette, while some casino sites even offer other roulette spin-offs like mini-roulette.

One of the newest and most exciting innovations in online roulette is the advent of live dealer technology. At many online casinos, such as Bet365, Winner Casino, and 7 Regal Casino, you have the option of playing in “live” games in which you’ll interact with a real dealer at an actual roulette table. This takes place through an interface that’s not that different from the one you’d usually play online roulette through, with the exception of a live video stream in which you’ll see the croupier making your bets for you and spinning the wheel. These live dealer roulette games bring back the feel and social aspects of live casino roulette, while still giving you the convenience of playing from your home.

Of course, all these choices can make it tough to figure out which online casino is right for you – or even if you’re choosing a site that’s safe. At RealMoneyRoulette, we’ve chosen casinos for you that have strong reputations, are thoroughly regulated and have the track records to prove that they’re legitimate casino operations. If you’re looking into a casino that you don’t see listed here, though, you might want to ask the following questions before deciding whether to play at the site:

  • Does the casino display a license that shows it is regulated by a gaming authority?
  • Does the casino display a certification from an independent organization that tested the games for fairness and safety?
  • Does the casino use one of the widely-trusted software systems that are recognized throughout the online casino industry?
  • How long has this casino site been in business, and can I find good reviews of the site online?

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to make sure you’re only playing at legitimate and trustworthy online casinos – and not fly-by-night operations that are only looking to make a quick buck before going out of business.

Real Money Roulette Guide

Playing online roulette is basically equivalent to what you would find in a brick and mortar establishment, with some major advantages. It is more convenient because you are able to partake from the comfort of your own home.  This short, but detailed guide, will take you through the steps involved in playing internet roulette for the first time

Choosing a Good roulette Brand

The first thing you will have to do is choose which gaming company you want to play at.  Some things to look for when deciding on a gaming brand include:

  • The initial bonus (Sizing, matching percentage, clearing requirements and bonus timing are all aspects you should investigate).
  • GamePlay (Is the gameplay smooth and sharp, are there added features ? etc)
  • Compatibility (At select gaming brands, you can play without downloading any software bundles).
  • Most Importantly – Safety and trustworthiness (If you’ve heard of the brand name from “word of mouth” before, then chances are it falls into this category.  Just be careful of start-up casinos that have yet to prove their longevity).

Looking at each of these criteria our recommendation is Casino Titan. They offer a very large bonus and are licensed and regulated in their jurisdiction of incorporation.  The gameplay is outstanding and they offer every type of roulette bet that is available.  A download is not required, but optional.  More importantly, this website is highly regarded as a legitimate online casino. It has also stood the test of time.

Downloading the Casino Software

Most casinos will force you to download their casino software.  Titan gives you a small menu of choices. You can play no-download in your browser or download the client.  This is completely up to you, but it seems the client usually offers more features than the website version.

Making Your First Deposit

After you have signed up you will be ready to make your first roulette bet.  A wide variety of deposit options are offered including credit cards, MoneyBookers, Neteller, PaySafeCard, and many more.  You shouldn’t have any trouble funding your account. If you do, the customer service is great for walking you through the deposit process.

Withdrawals are just as easy, with the majority of deposit methods also accepted for cash outs, but bank wires and cheques are also available.

Real Money Roulette Tips

Once you get to the tables the only roulette tip that really matters is to choose the European Roulette tables instead of the American Roulette tables.  The European tables have a house edge of 2.70%, while the American tables have a house edge of 5.26%.

Roulette Table Creation